Mini TiPick EDC Titanium Toothpick

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The Smallest, 100% Titanium, Concealable TiPick Toothpick

This TiPick Titanium Toothpick is our Titanium Toothpick 2.0 version. We have made some improvements in the appearance, integrating the key ring at the tail of the toothpick to prevent it from falling off during movement and use. We have added rubber washers at the thread of the toothpick interface, enhancing its sealing and connectivity. Additionally, we have modified the dimensions of the toothpick, making it shorter, smaller, and more suitable for use and carrying. Finally, we have redesigned the appearance and surface of this 2.0 Titanium Toothpick, making it more aesthetically pleasing and turning it into a true work of art.

Our Design Drawings

TiPick design drawings TiPick design drawings

Why Do You NEED A Our Titanium Toothpick?

First and foremost, titanium is a beautiful, extremely durable, high quality, and long lasting material. Secondly, nothing is worse than smiling at your boss with lunch mush between your teeth. Good luck overcoming that impression. Keep a confident smile. Keep our TiPick Titanium Toothpick on hand.

Product Features

Weight: 2.8grams

Length: Closed: 35mm Open: 56mm

Thickness: 6mm

Material: Titanium

Warranty: Lifetime


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